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Cinema is often a bold reflection of the world we live in. It speaks for the voiceless, aspires for the meek and brings hope to the despairing. Cinema is all encompassing, cinema is liberating! Wouldn’t a medium as powerful as this, definitely have a lesson or two for management professionals as well? Ever wondered how Sidney Lumet’s ‘12 Angry Men’ can be linked to performance appraisals? What can Mickey and Malory from the controversial ‘Natural Born Killers’ teach young management professionals? What links the movie ‘Boyhood’ and ‘Business Continuity Planning’? Management Lessons from Movies is your concise, easy-to-read book of movies and principles in management.

"A simple, but effective concept to tie in movies and management lessons - as a movie buff and a CEO this book resonated with me totally! I have learnt a lot from this book and also got a great list of movies to watch which I haven’t watched till now. A must-read book for both movie lovers and management aspirants alike (may give parents a new reason to send kids to watch movies). Kudos to Gokul for bringing his passions together to make this happen”

Girish Ramdas, CEO, Magzter Inc. New York

"Even before turning into a filmmaker, films were not just a ‘Timepass’ activity for me. Films were always lessons to me in many ways and I strongly believe the kind of films one watch has the potential to change one’s personality, thought process, life style, etc. Gokul’s book, ‘Management Lessons from Movies’, emphasizes this fact in style. The list of films he has introduced and the management lessons he has inferred from them are really interesting to read and also gives a strong motive to watch those films. I have seen only a few in the list and sure will be watching some of the films listed soon. I am sure every reader will feel the same way. That I think makes this book a unique and very interesting one”.

Karthik Subbaraj, Filmmaker



It's like having a friend sitting next to you in a theatre, whispering to you about the film

Cinema is a "powerful media". Any oppressive ruler knows it well, that's why they censor it, ban the films they don't like. You can use it to rekindle patriotism as the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India has done with the screening of "National Anthem" before every film that's shown in public. You can educate the masses as with the Anti-Smoking awareness message shown during every film screening in India. We all get a sense of accomplishment after seeing our favourite Hero punishes the bad and brings justice to the victim. Yes, there is something magical about the 80 feet high silver screen in theatres. Gokul Santhanam, a self-proclaimed movie zealot thinks the magic can traverse from Romance & Action to imparting Business Lessons. In his book "Management Lessons from Movies", he showcases 33 World Cinemas and 100 management tips that you can learn from them.

Reading the book you don't feel bored, it's like a friend sitting next to you in a theatre whispering to you about the film. Gokul doesn't preach anything here and that's a relief. He is having a conversion with you about a film, the story, what he liked in it, what we can learn from watching the film and a list of 3 to 4 movies which are similar to the one he is currently writing about.

Look at this example. Many of us believe we don't have resources, we have many obstacles in front of us that are preventing us from following our passion in life; these didn't stop Jafar Panahi, a world renowned Director who is banned by Government of Iran, from making "Taxi (2015)" - a film that was entertaining and carried a subtle message against the prevalent situation in the country. Movies like "Pather Panchali (1955)" & "Close-Up (1990)" were also made on shoe-string budgets and carried strong social messages.

Be forewarned! You will spend 200 hours in watching many of the films talked here. As Gokul says in the book, it's time that's invested in your learning and for your career growth.


- By Venkataranganon on 7 February 2017